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The Great Story Of Our Culinary Journey

Pokeman, you’ll find em, right here inside our poke bar, serving up the freshest of fish flown in from all over the world.

Leave it to pokeman, to build you one of our masterpieces, created by our amazing chef-owner Go Hoashi. Or check this out, take all of our fine ingredients and make your own at our poke creation station.

Chef-owner Go Hoashi


Hours Of Operation

MONDAY – SUNDAY: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
We deliver daily until 9:45

3735 Spring Mountain Rd #206
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone – 702-550-6466

1. Poke Man Burrito


Tuna (raw), yellowtail (raw), salmon (raw), avocado, cucumber, red onion, red cabbage, cilantro, seaweed salad, original poke sauce and Masago mayo.

2. Poke Spicy Burrito


Tuna (raw), yellowtail (raw), salmon (raw), avocado, cucumber, red onion, red cabbage, jalapeno, seaweed salad, spicy mayo, poke spicy sauce or Ex spicy sauce.

3. Maui Burrito


Tuna (raw), surimi crab, sweet egg, avocado, namasu cucumber, red onion, green leaf, ginger, wonton chips, ponzu sauce and pineapple wasabi cream.

4. Yuzu Burrito


Tuna (raw), bay scallop (raw), surimi crab, cucumber, red onion, red cabbage, spring mix, yuzu soy sauce, yuzu hot pepper aioli.

5. Kaba Burrito


Tuna (raw), albacore tuna (raw), cucumber, cilantro, red onion, green leaf, wonton chips, Thai chili ginger sauce, and masago mayo.

6. Oahu Burrito


Spicy tuna, surimi crab, sweet egg, cucumber, green leaf, green onion, tempura crunch, guava aioli.

7. Lei Burrito


Spicy tuna (raw), shrimp tempura, surimi crab, avocado, red onion, green leaf, sweet corn, cream cheese, miso sesame sauce and spicy mayo.

8. Spicy Canada Burrito


Spicy salmon (raw), avocado, cucumber, green leaf, tempura crunch, salsa fresco and eel sauce.

9. Island Crunch Burrito


Shrimp tempura, surimi crab, avocado, cucumber, red cabbage, tempura crunch, masago, ginger, corn flakes, creamy ponzu sauce.

10. Eel Lover Burrito


Eel, avocado, cucumber, red cabbage, green onion, fried garlic, eel sauce and sweet black pepper vinaigrette sauce.

11. Chicken Teriyaki Burrito


Chicken teriyaki, baby spinach, red cabbage, green leaf, shaved carrots, jalapenos, corn cream sauce and sweet chili aioli.

12. Veggies Special Burrito


Tofu, avocado, baby spinach, red onions, shaved carrots, spring mix, ginger creamy sesame sauce.

13. Vegan Special Burrito


Tofu, avocado, baby spinach, cilantro, green leaf, edamame, ginger, ginger soy and sweet chili sauce.

14. Spam Burrito


Spam, egg, surimi crab, green leaf and spring mix, fresh pineapple and fried onion.

Small Poke Bowl


Small Poke Bowl - 1 scoop of protein.

Medium Poke Bowl


Medium Poke Bowl - 2 scoops of protein.

Large Poke Bowl


Large Poke Bowl - 3 scoops of protein.

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl


Miso Soup


Seaweed Salad


Mochi Ice cream 2pcs


Macaroni Salad


Bottle of Water


Fountain Soda


Canned Soda


From the Owner

You see, we also own Izakaya Go tapas next door. We know how important having the finest ingredients, freshest fish and best customer service is to our customers. We strive to be 5 stars in every way, yet nobody is perfect. Please let us know anytime if your experience is/was not extraordinary and we will humbly fix it any way possible.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


Visit our Location:
3735 Spring Mountain Rd #206
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone – 702-550-6466